Himalaya Herbals Complete Care Mouthwash Reviews

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1 year ago

For oral hygiene


Travel friendly


Complete oral hygiene

Mouth washes are an effective way to take care of your oral hygiene. They help in preventing the formation of plaque on the teeth and also fight bad breath. They are an effective way to cleanse your mouth. It also helps in protecting the teeth from germs that cause various dental problems. this Himalaya Herbals Complete Care Mouthwash comes in a transparent bottle with a green cap and the packaging is travel friendly. It comprises of natural ingredients like miswak, neem and pomegranate. Neem bark has been used as a mouth cleanser by our ancestors since ancient times as it contains anti inflammatory and anti microbial properties and it helps in the complete oral hygiene. Miswak has an astringent property that helps in soothing the swollen and bleeding gums, it also helps in preventing cavities. The pomegranate helps in prevention of bacterial growth. This mouth wash is alcohol free and it does not cause sensitivity to the teeth. 

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