Himalaya Herbals Protein Conditioner Softness And Shine Reviews

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1 year ago

Hair conditioner


Softens the hair

Gives a shine to the hair

It is a well known fact that proteins are required to maintain the wellness and healthy hair. It is essential to use protein infused shampoos and conditioners conditioner the hair as they make the hair healthy, give it a  shine and make them look lustrous. I got this conditioner along with the shampoo recently and it has been a very good product. It has a very aromatic and soothing smell. It is soft and creamy in texture and spreads gently on the wet hair. You can see the difference in the very first wash of your hair. Your hair become manageable, smooth and soft. The comb easily slides through the hair and does not entangle in the hair. It give a voluminous look to the hair and a bouncy feel. It gives a frizz free and soft hair that can.be easily tamed and styled as per needs.

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