VLCC Natural Sciences Youth Boost Body Lotion SPF 25 Reviews

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1 year ago

Skin soft body lotion


Makes skin soft and healthy

Fights the signs of aging

Non oily and non greasy

Aromatic fragrance

I bought this lotion for myself as I have very dry skin. I also wanted to buy a lotion that would comprise of SPF to protect my skin from the harmful radiation of the sun. When I went shopping recently I purchased this body lotion for myself. It comes in a pump dispenser bottle and is creamy soft in texture. It gets easily absorbed in the skin and provides intense skin nourishment and protection to the skin. I absolutely loved using this body lotion as it has an aromatic fragrance that lingers on the body for the entire day. It is travel-friendly and is very affordable. It locks the moisture in the skin and prevents the skin from getting dehydrated. It comprises fatty acids that keeps the skin soft and healthy for a long time.

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