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2 years ago

Very beautiful and natural eyebrows


I have very light eye brows and I generally do not apply an eyebrow pencil. I do not like the artificial effect that it gives and makes them look too dark. Recently, there was a family function for which I had to apply heavy makeup. I was looking for an eye brow pencil which doesn’t make the eye brow look too prominent. I stumbled upon NYX Micro Brow pencil after a friend’s suggestion. I bought it on her recommendation. The pencil is actually very tiny and thin. The first thing that caught my eyes was that it is a dual sided product where on one end there is a very tiny pencil and the other side has a spool brush for combing the eye brows. I was very impressed by this feature. It saved me from buying a separate brow brush and this also very handy. The brush helps in blending the eye brow well with the thin hair of the eye brows. The tiny pencil on the other end helps in colouring and covering the tiny hair of the brows. There are 8 different shades to match the colour of your brows which is again very impressive. You can chose the colour according to the colour of your eyebrow hair and according to your skin tone. The shades range from lighter to darker. I prefer a shade which is not too dark since it I don’t like to make my eyebrows too prominent. It is supper comfortable to wear and very easy to apply. It easily stays for upto 6 hours or may be more. It does not give that cakey artificial look and looks very natural. The packaging is very travel friendly. The tiny pencil can easily fit in the makeup kit. Quantity of the product is too less. It would be better if the quantity is increased and the product would last longer. It also makes it very expensive.

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