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2 years ago

Gorgeous looks in affordable price



Moisturizes the lips

I personally prefer lipsticks which are neither too glossy nor to matte. Milani Color Statement Lipstick has a creamy texture. It has vitamin A and C which helps in nourishing the skin. It also prevents the lips from getting dry while you are wearing the lipstick. It comes in a variety of shades and I like all the shades of this lipstick. The shades vary from reds, pinks to nude. It has a very sweet fragrance and has a very smooth texture. It gives a very smooth finish and is very long lasting. The packaging is very cute, light weight and the lid shuts tightly keeping the product safe inside. This makes it very travel friendly and can be kept easily in daily hand bag. The lipstick is highly pigmented which gives a great colour and coverage in a single application. Just one coat and you are done. No need to apply it again and again. Multiple application is not required and even if you do, there will be no patchiness. The lipstick is not transfer resist so fades away easily. A little touch up is needed after eating or drinking anything. Otherwise, it is pretty long lasting. The lipstick is pretty affordable and since the shades are so pretty, I don’t mind spending on it. It gives a very gorgeous look without making it look artificial or cakey. The lipsticks are perfect for office looks during the day. With its moisturising and creamy texture, it doesn’t harm the lips even if applied on a daily basis. The lipstick does not give a heavy feeling and is very good for those who have dry lips. A few shades have a watermelon fragrance which is not that good but overall it’s a good wearable lipstick with affordable price.

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