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2 years ago

Very affordable and helpful product


A primer is used to provide a smooth base to the make-up. It helps in making the make-up more durable and last longer. It is generally used when there is a wedding function or a party which will last for 6-8 hours. It is used in heavy make-ups when there are many layers of the base. I usually avoid it when I have to apply a lighter base. The more there are layers of make-up, the heavier it becomes and eventually, it starts showing also. It is good for night functions when the lighting is very strong and it needs a very strong make-up base to hide the imperfections of the skin. Lakme Absolute Blur Perfect Makeup Primer is from the new rage of Lakme’s cosmetics. This one comes in a very stylish and sleek black tube with a silver twistable cap. The packaging is very light and is travel-friendly. The primer is used in very little quantity and I used Lakme’s primer in a pea-sized amount. It spreads evenly and forms a smooth layer on the skin. Lakme Blur Primer has a light pink shade which helps in giving a very nice glow to the skin. The primer is very light and does not give a heavy or greasy look. It spreads evenly. It gives a velvety feeling and blends beautifully. It helps in covering a lot of imperfections and provides a good base to the make-up base. It helps in making the base stay for longer hours. It helped in controlling the oil of my skin which I really liked. It keeps the skin hydrated and does not give a dry or cakey feeling. It is very important to remove it thoroughly afterwards because it has many chemicals especially silicone which is not good for the skin. I would not recommend it for everyday use or for office make-up since so many chemicals and such a heavy base is not good for skin but it is good for occasional use and party makeup. It is quite affordable and since it is used very occasionally and in very less quantity, it provides the value of the money.

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