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2 years ago

Waterproof and long lasting eye liner


I love eye liners. Even for an everyday outing, when I do not apply a base or an eye shadow, I usually apply a lipstick and an eye-liner. I love the jet black eye-liners which makes the eye look prominent. I bought NYX Matte Liquid Liner on a sale and fell immediately in love with it. Its packaging is very beautiful and classy. The black sleek bottle with a super fine applicator brush makes it very easy to apply. The tight twistable cap prevents the liquid liner from getting spilled. It is easy to carry and travel friendly. NYX Matte Liquid Liner has that jet black colour and gives an amazing look to the eye. It is water proof, so even when it is too hot and sweaty, the eye-liner won’t come off. Usually, the eye liners tend to become cakey after some time and they tend to get wear off easily. NYX Matte Eye Liner doesn’t become cakey. It is very long lasting. The long applicator gives that perfect thin line and is easy to work with when one to create a different look with it. The best part is that it lasts throughout the day and does not get smudged. It dries up quickly after applying and gives a very smooth and gorgeous look. It is a bit expensive but since I bought it on a sale, I was very happy. Even when I used it daily, it lasted for almost three months. I was very happy with my purchase and the eye liner is awesome too because normally the other liners gets smudged so easily because off sweat in summers and re-application is time consuming. I would like to recommend it to those who use a liner frequently and it works best in summers.

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