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2 years ago

Certainly not my choice


Fair and lovely BB cream are one of the very cheapest and most readily available brands of creams. It is easily accessible on almost any drugstore. The BB cream, like other creams of this brand, is packed in a white tube with a tight twist and screw cap. I particularly don’t like its fragrance, which is too intense and intolerable. The texture of the cream is too dry and heavy, which makes it very difficult to blend and absorbed by the skin. It makes a face feel dry and patchy. The BB cream comes in just one shade, which is another disadvantage since that shade does not go with every skin tone. The dry and thick cream stays heavy on the facial skin and gives a very artificial look. It looks like a mask rather than a cream. It does not remain for long in the hot and humid weather. It says that it contains SPF 15, but since it does not stay for long in summers, there is no point in using it. I did not like this mask like cream, and I certainly cannot go anywhere out wearing this cream. I find it a total waste of money and even the smallest packaging is not worth buying despite its low price.

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