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2 years ago

Super smooth and long lasting liquid lip colours


A friend of mine is a tremendous makeup addict, and I love her collection of lipsticks. She has vast variety of lipstick ranging from glossy, matte, lip colours and lip glosses. One day, while having lunch with her, I noticed that her lipstick remained as it was before having lunch. There was not even a little bit of transfer, and the colour pay off was very good too. I could not stop myself from admiring her lipstick, and I ended up asking her about it. She told me that she was wearing the Colorbar Kiss Proof Lip Stain. She was even carrying it in her purse and showed it to me. The transparent and metallic packaging of the lipsticks is very eye-catching. The sturdiness of the packaging showed by the way it was being carried in her bag. These are liquid lip colours which come with an applicator brush. The brush picks up just the right quantity of the product and helps it to glide smoothly on the lips. Its application is so smooth that it looks like a dream. The no-transfer lip colour formula glides correctly and gives a flawless look. It is long lasting and does not get smudged. I loved its weightless formula and the matte look it creates. The lips do not appear dry or patchy despite the matte finish. The high pigmentation gives a good colour coverage on the lips with a single swipe only. I did not feel the need to provide another swipe of this vibrant colour. The fuller healthier look of the lips is simply gorgeous. All the 19 shades are incredibly stunning, and I found it challenging to choose one or two shades of it. The price range is on the higher side, which sometimes seems too much but with the long-lasting power that it has, I think it is okay to go in for it.

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