NYX Professional Makeup Wonder Pencil Reviews

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2 years ago

Multi-use pencil


Multipurpose pencil

Prevents lipstick from bleeding

Brightens up eyes

Covers imperfections

Creamy consistency

Imparts a natural finish

Blends well

Easy to use

Great for highlighting

Great pigmentation


NYX Professional Makeup Wonder Pencil is a pencil which can be used in multiple ways. It looks like a regular pencil which can be sharpened with a sharpener. It is available in three shades, and you can pick any as per your skin tone. It can be used in several ways: 1) Reverse lip liner which is used to create broader and well-defined lips. 2) Nude eyeliner to create bigger looking eyes. 3) Highlighter below the eyebrows to create that perfect arc. 4) Concealer to hide away any marks or blemishes from the face. It has good pigmentation which gives the right colour and coverage in a single application. It is very affordable and easy to carry in a purse or a clutch. It has a waxy texture which blends easily with fingers when used as a concealer. I liked its pencil for its exact application. It works best for quick spot correction.

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