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1 year ago

Very bad taste


Ayurvedic product

Sturdy packaging

Improves stamina

Patanjali Musli Pak is an ayurvedic product which improves stamina and strength. It comes in a glass jar with a tightly closing lid. The jar is very sturdy and keeps the product fresh. A friend of mine takes it regularly. It improves stamina and reduces fatigue. It improves muscle power and is more recommended for males. The powder like pak does not get dissolved completely. My friend takes it with warm milk. It has a very bad taste and can’t be consumed easily. After taking it regularly for some time, she feels energetic now. She does not feel body aches as often. It has improved her immunity. I tried tasting it but due to its bad taste could not consume it. It is very difficult to take it on a regular basis. There is not much information about it on the net. The ingredients list is not completely mentioned on the packaging which is another drawback. I would not buy this product.

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