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1 year ago

Super soft lips


Moisturises the lips

Have a tint of colour

Removes flakes from the lips

Exfoliates lips

MAC Lip Scrubtious comes in a very attractive packaging that of colour coded tube with black twistable lid. The packaging is convenient and easy to carry. The tub is not very hygienic especially for a lip scrub. It comes in five different flavours. They have a tint of colour in them. The best part of these lip-scrub is that they taste good. They exfoliate the lips gently and removes the flakes of the skin. It leaves the lips super soft and moisturised. These are sugar based lip scrubs and if you are a sugar lover, you will end up eating more than scrubbing. After scrubbing, they leave a bit of oil and moisture and on the lips with a light tint of colour which looks like you have applied a gloss. It feels nice and comfortable on the lips. These scrubs are not sticky but have a thick consistency. The price is definitely very expensive especially for a product which is not required as such.

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