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2 years ago

Alcohol free gentle face toner


Moisturizes the skin

Convenient to use

No alcohol


I was looking for a toner that would help in maintaining the Ph balance of my skin and won’t take away the essential oils of my skin. I came across Kiehl’S Ultra Facial Toner after reading its reviews. The packaging is not very attractive. It comes in a simple white bottle with a tight closing lid. I have used it for two months now and I have fallen in love with it. It has a gentle cleansing formula. It is super soothing and my skin feels great after cleansing with it. Kiehl’S Ultra Facial Toner reduces the size of the skin pores and with regular use, I have noticed that it squeezes the size of the blackheads and slowly removes them. It does not rip my skin of its essential oils. This toner is very creamy and moisturizing. It does not leave any greasy feeling after use. I find my skin normal after its use. There are no dry spots on my face and skin feels soft.

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