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MAC Lash 33 are handmade lashes that give a retro-mod look. It is available in a variety of shapes and densities. They look beautiful, flirty, and comfortable. You can choose to go for a natural or dramatic look. The lash strip is lightweight and doesn't make your eyes droop. If you pull them off carefully, clean them, and store them well, you can reuse them at least 4-5 times. They can also be reshaped as per your need.

vidhi_duggal Review

Voluminous eye lashes Vidhi approves this product
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Light weight

Dramatic eye lashes

Easy to apply

Can be re-used

Easy to maintain

Adds a bit of length

My sister recently had to attend a wedding where she wanted to wear false eye lashes. She bought some local brand. She applied the eye lashes and her eyes felt so heavy that she could not even open her eyes. She ended up removing them. I had read reviews about MAC Lash 33. I suggested her to use them for the next function. She bought these and tried them. Mac Lash – 33 are very easy to use. They have slightly longer length. My sister found them easy to apply. She felt them very light weight. It added dramatic and voluminous look to her eyes. She could carry these false lashes for the entire duration of the function. MAC Lash 33 adds glamorous look to the eyes. They do not come with glue. The glue has to be bought separately. These lashes are easy to maintain. If stored properly, these can be used for 5-6 times.

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