Colgate Cibaca Vedshakti Toothpaste Reviews

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2 years ago

Complete dental hygiene


Fights hidden germs.

Herbal ingredients.

Gives stronger and whiter teeth.

Complete dental protection for the entire family.

Colgate Cibaca Vedshakti Toothpaste has some amazing herbal ingredients like basil, thymol, lemon, camphor, clove, and eucalyptus. These amazing ingredients are very healthy and beneficial for the teeth. Thee toothpaste makes the teeth shiny and clean. They prevent cavities and germs in the teeth. This toothpaste prevents bad breath and clears away debris and plaque from the teeth. It gives a strong feeling of freshness. The tube has sufficient quality of the toothpaste in it and one tube lasts for very long. It is suitable for the entire family and benefits everyone. This newly launched variant is better than the others because of its herbal ingredients. I have recently started using this one and have liked it a lot. It has ayurvedic properties with the goodness of herbs. Lemon helps in whitening the teeth and adds shine to the teeth. Camphor and clove reduces cavities and provides germ protection. The price is reasonable for everyday use. The packaging is also sturdy and travels friendly and I always prefer carrying this toothpaste for my family vacations.

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