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1 year ago

Not good


Natural ingredients

No harmful chemicals

Rootz Hair Oil comes in a plastic bottle with a green open-flip cap. It contains natural and herbal ingredients like bhringraj, tea tree oil, chameli and neem. It claims to promote hair growth, reduces dandruff and hair fall. My salon stylist recommended this oil to me. I bought this oil but this is too thick and greasy. It sticks to the hair and is heavy. It weighs down the hair. I did not like its scent on my hair. Even after using it for several weeks, there was no difference in my hair. It is not effective on dandruff or hair fall. My hair lost its natural volume and bounce. It is difficult to wash it despite shampooing twice. The smell and the residue stays in the hair. The quantity is too less and the price is too high for this oil. The packaging is not travel-friendly either. I would not like to buy it again.

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