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1 year ago

Removes scars




100% natural ingredient

Reduces wrinkles

Glow Plus Skin Whitening Cream comes in a white jar with a metallic lid. The jar packaging is very unhygienic since you need to dig your fingers inside to take out the cream. The cream is thick and moisturising. It gets absorbed easily and does not feel greasy at all. I use this cream in winters since my skin becomes dry and dull in this season. My skin appears dehydrated and gives a tired look. I use this cream every morning and my skin remains soft and supple throughout the day. It removes dullness and tiredness from the face and gives a fresh and lively look on the face. Within two weeks, I can see a lot of difference in my face. My skin looks radiating and glowing. I go out a lot due to which my skin is exposed to pollution and dust. It starts appearing dull and lifeless, but with this cream, I have got my glowing skin back.

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