Mamaearth Oil Free Face Moisturizer With Apple Cider Vinegar Reviews

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1 year ago

Gentle, effective and free from harmful chemicals



Suits oily and combination skin

Makes skin soft and smooth

No harmful chemicals

Mamaearth Oil-Free Face Moisturizer with Apple Cider Vinegar comes in a white tube with a white cap. The packaging is convenient and travel friendly. It is a simple yet eye catching. Mamaearth products are safe and free from harmful chemicals. Mamaearth Oil-Free Face Moisturizer with Apple Cider Vinegar has worked really well for me. I have an oily skin which sometimes becomes dry in changing weather. I used this moisturiser and it worked like magic for my skin. It makes the skin soft and smooth without giving any pimples or acne eruptions. It has thick consistency which spreads easily on the face. It gets blended and absorbed in no time. My skin feels oil free and fresh for the whole day. It controls excess oil and reduces pimples. It gives radiating skin without looking greasy. It provides a good base to makeup and there are no patches after using foundation on this moisturiser.

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