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Organic India Coconut Oil is cold-pressed virgin edible coconut oil. This superfood from Organic India is of the highest quality and best taste. It is beneficial for the heart and promotes healthy functioning of the thyroid. Consuming virgin coconut oil also increases metabolism and helps initiate weight loss. The cold-pressed oil can also be used for cooking, and hair and skin care.

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Multipurpose Oil For All !! Sindoori approves this product
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Organic India Coconut oil I would say is one of the best cold press coconut oil in recent times. Very light and easily absorbed. Has a mild scent of the coconut, instead of the pungent smell usually found in the other coconut oils. I love to use coconut oil in many of my dishes, I have used many cold pressed coconut oils but nothing was satisfying me than Organic India Coconut oil. You can feel the aroma of it when it's used to saute the veggies or preparing any meal. Organic India coconut oil became one of my daily use for cooking as well as for my skin and hair protection .My Daughter loves the smell of coconut oil and she enjoys dishes more when coconut oil is added so i was in a urge to search for the best coconut oil for her and got the best one - Organic India Coconut Oil. Having a dry skin sometime I use Organic India coconut oil as a moisturiser during winter season which makes my skin look moisturized and nourished. I apply this oil daily for my newborn daily as a massage oil before bathing , it gives a good results. Initially i had a thought if it would be adulterated. - No it isn't , It is clear and smells of natural coconuts and I started applying for my daughter hair which makes shining and grows faster and healthier and It also comes handy to heal chapped lips and to relieve under eye puffiness. Its a bit expensive when compared to other brands but trust me it the purest and can blindly use even for newborns and In Fact I use it at night sometimes as an tan remover and to have fresh look this oil would do wonders when you wash your face in warm water as soon you wake up and also acts an anti aging product for any elders if you want to recommend.

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