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2 years ago

A Mild Soap But A Deep Cleanser!!


Clinique Is a customized three step skin care routine . The product was created by a dermatologist which gives the customer an extra confidence to try it without any hesitation . It's a very simple three step process to follow daily for maintaining a beautiful skin. I tried this at my friends place and absolutely loved the way its cleansed the skin . My friend who has a combination skin, said she could see an amazing difference with regular use of Clinique customized product . When I used it once I just loved the product and immediately order one for me . Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Extra Mild is Step 1 in their three step process. As the name goes its super mild and gentle which makes the skin feel so smooth . By using this every morning, you can see the skin look feel fresh . It has no strong chemical smell which is an added advantage . Though it is gentle is cleanses the skin deeply and does not dry out. For best result I follow this three step process twice a day. The best result comes only when its used with the other 2 steps i.e Clarifying lotion and Moisturizing lotion . Sometimes when I wear a heavy make up I just use this Clinique Face soap which easily cleans my makeup . I would say its a super cleanser removing the impurities in the skin quickly . A small quantity is enough for a good deep cleanse and make the face feel fresh and goes away for a long time . The price is very costly but the result speaks more than the price .If you are looking for a good deep cleansing face wash you can just use the liquid soap as a daily face wash skipping the other steps. But if you want to maintain a beautiful skin, I would recommend to try the three step process. Suitable for all skin type.Dermatologist tested quality brand. Best customized skin product in the market!!

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