NYX Professional Makeup Blotting Paper Reviews

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2 years ago

Useful Product For Oily Skin !!


Reduces shine

Absorbs oil

Matte finish

Refreshes skin

Easy to use


I came across NYX Blotting Papers through my sister who has a very oily skin, she finds it very useful without any damage to the skin. Though I have a dry skin I love to use these papers which makes me feel refreshed . Unlike other blotting papers this product does not have any strong scent smell that lingers for a long time or leave any powdered white cast over the face which makes it very unique . These papers are very thin and can be torn very easily so needs to be very careful while taking a single piece or you will end up wasting the papers . This is the best and easy way to get rid of excess oil in face within seconds anywhere, any time !! It does not remove the makeup or foundation , just removes the excess oil and makes the skin feel so fresh and smooth instantly.Variants are available to select for each use . Overall a very affordable and good quality blotting paper which will be very useful for oily skin !!

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