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2 years ago

Affordable Body Lotion!!




Mild fragrance

Gets absorbed quickly

100% herbal actives

Blends easily

Suitable for all skin types


Travel-friendly packaging

Himalaya Nourishing body lotion was the first ever body lotion that i started using to treat my dry skin that was suggested by my best friend during college days . It is enriched with goodness of aloe vera and winter cherry which helps to manage the dry skin and makes the skin soft and smooth and hydrates the skin even in winter season . They come in a standard white plastic bottle with a green colour flip open cap . It is leak proof and travel friendly . The lotion is white in colour and has a creamy texture . The texture helps to blend the cream easily onto the skin and just a little amount is enough to make the skin look moisturised . For more dry areas a little more product is needed . They have a very pleasant fragrance and it lingers for a very long time . They feel very light weight that gets absorbed easily once applied in my dry skin . It gives an instant smoothness to the dry skin and on regular usage it makes the skin so soft and smooth . But they needs to be applied very frequently throughout the day to make the skin look hydrated . The quantity is very huge for the money and a single bottle comes for many months even after using them regularly . They are very affordable and gives a decent and satisfied result to make the dry skin moisturised , hydrated with natural ingredients that does not irritate the skin that can be used even on sensitive skin as well.Though they do not treat the dry skin problem is helps to maintain the a well moisturised skin .Since they are lightweight and absorbs completely, it is suitable for all season and for all skin type . If you are looking for a very affordable body lotion to treat the dry skin this is the best choice which is also easily available in all supermarkets . A very much satisfied and useful body lotion that i would surely recommend for all !!

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