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2 years ago

Effective Hand Cream For Dry Skin !!



Hydrating effect


Natural ingredients

Restores natural moisture

Repairs dry cuticles

Long-lasting effect

No greasy residue

Instead of doing an online shopping ,when it comes for purchasing the body shop product i love walking into their stores which makes me feel excited, seeing unique products that tempt us to try them immediately . Body Shop Hemp hand protector is one such product in the list . Since i have a dry skin , my hands gets dried especially during winter season . When i saw this hand protector which was specially formulated for treating dry skin without any hesitation purchased it . The packaging according to me was not attractive which looks like some medical tube but they are travel friendly . The cream is white in colour and has a thick consistency .I usually prefer to apply this cream during night which heals my dry skin so effectively . I just take a little amount of the cream and massage in the hands and nails . They take time to absorb for about 2-3 minutes till which i give a good massage .Though i have a dry skin it took some time to absorb ,for oily skin i guess this would feel very heavy on the skin. Though they take time to absorb they are not feel greasy over the skin and gets completely absorbed .The smell is bit strong smell but that does not linger for a long time . In the morning i could see a good difference in my hand . My hands feels so soft and smooth and helps me a lot in getting rid of dryness. This helps as a very good hand moisturiser for me especially during winter which gives a hydrating effect and restores the natural moisture . They also help in repairing my dry cuticles and makes them softer .They are dermatologist tested and contains hemp seed oil which is an added advantage . Overall , this is a very affordable hand protector cream that i would recommend strong for extremely dry skin !!

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