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The Body Shop White Musk Perfume Oil is an iconic fragrant oil prepared from white musk. As this perfume oil is prepared from natural ingredients, it is quite gentle on the skin. Its light floral fragrance lingers on the body for a long time. The soft scent consists of notes of velvety musk, ylang ylang, floral lily, galbanum, and basil. It is free of parabens, gluten, alcohol, and silicone. Spray a few drops of The Body Shop White Musk Perfume Oil on your wrist and neck. For best results, use this perfume oil in combination with other white musk products.

sindoori_jayaprakash Review

Musky Perfume Oil!! Sindoori approves this product
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Value for money

Contains natural ingredients


Appropriate for all age groups

Cute packaging

Suitable for all skin types

100% vegan

I always prefer and love to use floral fruity and musk based perfumes which has a very feminine and pleasant frangnance. The body Shop white musk perfume oil is one such pleasing perfume oil which gives an amazing and pleasant white musk fragrance . They come in a very classy and cute bottle which looks like a transparent ink bottle shaped with a spray cap . The bottle is sturdy ,cute and leakproof .This perfume oil is made from natural ingredient that is very gentle and subtle on the skin . I did not face any irritation in the skin while using them and can be used even on sensitive skin. They have a very mild floral fragrance which contains a strong lily fragrance as the top notes that lingers only for a very short time and musk as the middle notes followed by jasmine floral smell as the ending notes that last for a long time. The pleasing fragrance lingers for a very long time for more than 6-7 hours . The pleasant and mild fragrance suits for both daily use as well as special occasion . I have heard many compliments when i wore this and definitely this will make us stand unique in the crowd . Just 2-3 drops is more than enough to smell amazing for a whole long day . A single bottle goes for a very long time even if they are used frequently . They are very costly perfume but a very gentle and natural perfume oil that stays long . Very happy with the perfume oil which has a very feminine touch and would definitely go for a repurchase and i will always own a bottle of this perfume oil . A recommended perfume for all ladies who loves floral perfumes which are not very strong that contains natural ingredients and very gentle on the skin !!

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