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2 years ago

Not Satisfied!!


Retractable pencil packaging

3-in-1 product


Blends well

When i came across this NYX Professional Makeup 3 in 1 brow pencil which was very unique that contains a gel ,powder and a pencil based form in just a single stick which made me to try them immedaitely. It is divided into three parts which consists of a gel , a brow powder in a pointed foam tip and at the brow pencil which is thick and sturdy . The overall packaging is very cute unique and travel friendly . The eyebrow pencil is very thick and chubby , it is not easy to use them in drawing small lines or give a precise shape to the eyebrows The texture is creamy and pigmentation are good and very easily gets blended . Since i generally use an eyebrow pencil just to fill the sparse it was very helpful in that . But when we are trying to shape or define the eyebrows using the pencil that not that easy . The powder part which is in the middle comes with a pointed foamy tip . These are also useful in filling the sparse and making the brows look fuller and thicker . I usually use my normal eyebrow brush to apply this powder which is easy rather than using the pointed tip available in the product . The powder texture is good and get sets easily over the brows and i did not face any fall out issues . The gel form comes with a wand applicator and looks just like a mascara product . The wand applicator was small and good but the texture and formula of the product was not good . It was very hard to blend them and it did not set properly over the brows making it look so unnatural . I have just used that once which ended in a bad experience and never ever tried to use them again . Though we get all the brow finishes like powder,gel and pencil form in just a single stick they were not that much useful as i expected. Not a satisfied and difficult to use product !!

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