The Body Shop Tea Tree Blemish Gel Reviews

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2 years ago

Not For A Complete Solution !!


No irritation

Contains tea tree oil

Quick drying formula

Light gel

Runny consistency

Whenever i do a shopping in the body shop store ,i get very excited seeing the different and unique products for skin and hair care. Since i had a few blemishes in the forehead and cheeks when i came across this tea tree gel i gave it a try . This gel comes in a stick form in green colour which looks like a lip gloss . The packaging is handy , lightweight and easy to carry while travelling . It has a pleasant tea tree fragrance which i love the most . The fragrance vanishes after some time of application . The applicator sponge attached to the stick helps in applying the product easily over the affected areas .The gel consistency is somewhat runny and less concentrated. Since i was mentioned as a gel based ,initially when i got this product i thought i can use them only during night because it would have a thick and heavy consistency . But when the first time i used it, they were very light over the skin and got absorbed so quickly without leaving any traces of application which made to use them even in the morning . After a regular use of twice daily for about a month , it helped me to lighten the few blemishes and dark spots but not completely which was little disappointing .They did not irritate the skin and are suitable for all skin type .They are very expensive with a very low quantity . A singe tube for a regular usage comes less than a month . Even after using a complete tube fully they did not give a complete solution for blemishes . Dark Spots were still visible which was disappointing . Overall this is a very expensive product but shows results very slowly . Overall i was not completely satisfied with the product and would not recommended for a complete solution on blemishes!!

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