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2 years ago

Summer Face Wash !!



Suitable for daily use

Herbal formulation

Removes spots and pigmentation

As a huge fan of tea tree which are known for its benefits in skin. When i come across tea tree products i love to try them . Jovees tea tree face wash comes in a standard face wash tube with a flip cap opening that is leakproof and travel friendly . It has a mild gel like consistency which is green in colour that looks very refreshing . They contain fine beads that are dark green in colour . The fragrance is very pleasant and refreshing that lingers for sometime . Since it contains fine granule particles , i expected that this wash wash acts like a scrub but it is not so . Once applied in the face it did not give that scrub feeling but was just as a normal face wash . They do not lather well, but it gives a good cleanse in just a single wash making it so refreshing . Just a pea sized amount is needed each time for a good and clean wash . It gives a complete clean and helps in removing the dirt and impurities and excess oil after each wash . As claimed , yes it is very helpful in removing the fresh tan from the skin . I love using this face wash after a long day out in hot sun which helps me in getting rid of the tan . The face wash is made of very natural herbal ingredients which helps in treating the skin problems to a great extend . It can be the best face wash for oil skin people who has acne and pimple problem which has a great effect over these skin problems . Since i have a dry skin a regular usage made my skin more dry so i usually apply my regular moisturizer after every use . They are very affordable, best suited face wash for summer, which is chemical free and can also be used for sensitive and acne prone skin . Great in preventing pimples and face tanning with a very refreshing smell !!

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