Dove Almond Cream Beauty Bathing Bar Reviews

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2 years ago

Creamy Soap!!


Ultimate shower experience

Makes skin healthy

Substitute for facewash

Refreshing sensation

Lovely fragrance

Dove- my all time favorite bathing soap from childhood days . They have launched many variants out of which Dove almond Cream bar is my favorite . This was my recent try which exceeded my expectation than the regular dove soaps that i have used . They come in a standard cardboard packaging similar to regular dove soaps . The soap has a mild pinkish colour and has a very amazing smell of almond which is very pleasing . The fragrance lingers on the skin even after many hours . Like the regular dove soap they have a very creamy formula and the soap gets melted very easily . The creamy formula though glides over the skin very smoothly they do not form much lather . But they gives a very deep cleanse in just a single wash . They helps to restore the natural moisturiser in the skin which helps to maintain my dry skin super soft and smooth from the day one of the use . The natural blend of almond and hibiscus helps in nourishing the skin to a great extent without causing damage or irritation . I usually dont prefer using a bathing bar in my face since they make the sensitive facial skin dry, but this soap is something different from the regular bathing bars . They do not dry the face and makes the face look well moisturized and hydrated and gives an instant glow after a single use . After a regular usage of about a month , it helped me to maintain a balance skin that is well moisturised and hydrated even in summer season . Though they are costly when compared to other bathing bar , it does not make the skin dry and helps to maintain a moisturised skin like a body wash . Since they have a creamy formula they tend to melt soon and a single bar comes for just 2 weeks . I would strongly recommend this product for dry and sensitive skin that gives a pleasurable bathing experience which also makes the skin healthy !!

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