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2 years ago

Herbal Hair Conditioner !!





Mild, soothing aroma



After becoming a mother of two , maintaining a healthy hair became very difficult, i started to face hair fall, dandruff problems and had a very dry and dull hair . When they become worse i started to research for products that solve my purpose and gave almost every branded products in treating my dry and dull hair . One of my try in the list was Forest Essentials Bhringraj and Shikakai which was becoming very popular in social media . Since i want to get the best result i ordered both the shampoo and conditioner together . The Forest Essential Bhringraj and shikakai hair conditioner bottle comes in a transparent bottle with a golden cap.It has a small nozzle which helps in taking the required amount without wastage of the product . They are very sturdy and travel friendly . The conditioner is milky white and has a creamy texture . Because of the creamy texture it helps in applying the product smoothly over the hair strands . The fragrance is herbal kind of smell which was pleasing to me . It is very easy to rinse off and does not make the hair greasy or slippery at all . I find a good difference in the product when i use the conditioner along with the shampoo . It makes the hair so soft and detangled , gives a extraordinary shine and frizzy free hair . After a regular usage along with the shampoo it helped to treat my dry and dull hair making it look very healthy and looks hydrated . It does not gives a instant softness but it will help in getting a soft and smooth hair by regular usage . Since they are chemical free the result will be shown slowly but its long lasting . Though they are costly , they are the best herbal conditioner that is chemical free which has no side effects and highly recommended for dry and frizzy hair !!

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