Bobbi Brown Instant Detox Mask Reviews

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Avg Ratings : 3.7


2 years ago

Expensive Clay Mask!!


Deeply cleanses skin

Suitable for all skin types

Removes suntan

Reduces pore size


Hygienic tube packaging

Easy to carry

Smooth texture


Bobby brown has always been my most favorite brands in cosmetics . Though they are costly they never let down their customer expectations . When i was looking for a good facial masks i ended up buying this instant detox mask with more expectation over the brand . The product comes in a white tube form which looks more like an ointment tube . The packaging is very sturdy ,hygenic to use as well as travel friendly . The tube dispense the right amount of the product each time without wastage of the product . The consistency is good which helps in applying them evenly over the skin . It does not have any strong smell like other facial mask which would be an added advantage . Just a thin layer of application is enough each time and it helped me a lot in removing the tan and impurities and also helps to reduce the pore size . Since i have a dry skin, this makes my skin even more dry so i usually follow up with a moisturiser after every use . It removes the dirt amd minute impurities instantly and gives a very smooth and supple skin . I love to use this mask after a day well spent under the hot sun which helps to remove the fresh tan easily . They are easy to use and well as cleaning, just with water they get removed easily without much effort . I did not notice any difference in the black heads they were still visible . This facial mask is too expensive when compared to other clay type mask available in the market but just does a very normal job of removing tan and reduces the size of the pores which can be easily achieved using much cheaper clay masks. Though they does what it claims, i personally feel that they are not worth for such a high cost .

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