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2 years ago

Useful For Powdery Products!!


Easy to wash and dry

Works well with powdery products

Selecting the right brush for a professional makeup touch looks is very important . I always prefer to choose the MAC makeup brushes which are though costly but very easy and convenient to use that comes for a very long time . NYX Pro Contour brush was the first ever brush i have purchased from the brand NYX Brand . It is a very stunning full black brush which has a black coloured handle and a black coloured fibre brush . Since i love black this brush just attracted me with its blacky looks . The handle is very long and sleek that is easy to hold and convenient to use . But they are not easy to carry away while travelling .The bristles are made up of good quality natural fibers which are soft and takes the right amount of the product and applies it easily and evenly on to the face . The shape of the brush is round which makes it difficult for a precise contour application . The cleansing part is very easy , they can be easily cleaned using a good makeup brush cleanser . It sheds some bristles each time while washing them which also loses the shape each time after washing . The bristles have splayed a bit after few washes which was disappointing.I use them mostly for powdered products which helps in even application of the powder over the face but they are not suitable for creamy products since they do not blend the product evenly . It works well for blushes and highlighter . They are pricey brushes and yes it helps in giving a definition to the face but not a well defined looks as i expect. There are much better contour brushes from other brands which is less pricey when compared to this brand .This was not a completely satisfied brush !!

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