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1 year ago

Health Supplementary


Improves Immunity

Less Cost

Improves Stamina

My husband who is a fitness freak prefers mostly to take healthy supplementary rather than coffee or tea . He love trying out different ayurvedic health supplementary . Patanjali Musli Pak was the recent one which he tried. It comes in a Plastic bottle form which is sturdy , air tight and also easy to carry while travelling . They are made of 20 herbal ingredients specially formulated for increasing the strength and stamina of the body. It helps him to increase the body immunity and energy after long hours of workout in the gym. This supplementary can be taken in hot milk or water. Though they are made of natural ingredients,it does not taste good.A regular intake of these health drinks makes him stay active and strong. This health drink can be used for men who are facing infertility problems and also for people who face fatigue problems. Though they are of less cost and improves the health and energy the taste is the major drawback in this product. If you are not worried about the taste and looking for a herbal health drink at a less cost this would be a great choice. A recommended healthy supplement for all fitness freaks !!

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