Himalaya Quista Pro Advanced Whey Protein Powder Reviews

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2 years ago

Best And Affordable Supplementary Drink!!


Builds muscle

Improves bone health

Improves nutritional intake

Formulated with holistic nutrition

Energy booster

My husband is a fitness freak who does not miss out a day spending an hour in gym. One of his friend in the gym suggested him to take this Himalaya Quista Pro health supplement along with his regular workout so, my husband decided to try this out. This powder contains three forms of WHEY protein that is WPC ,WPI,WPH . The natural supplementary drink also contains other herbal ingredients like Ashvagandha ,Hadjod and pomegranate which helps in overcome tiredness . Regular intake of about a month my husband could feel the difference . It helped him a lot in gaining muscle strength and overcome fatigue and helped him maintain the body fitness increasing the muscle joint and bone strength . This supplementary drink has a very yummy taste and comes in chocolate flavour that makes it different from other drinks which does not taste so good . My husband is so happy with this product, and he has started to take them regularly .They are not so expensive and a very good supplementary which is a must try product for all fitness freaks !!

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