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2 years ago

Healthy Supplementary


Natural health supplement

Goodness of 40+ herbs

Strengthens immune system

Suitable for all age groups


After child birth I preferred to take supplementary drinks rather than tea or coffee for a maintaining a healthy body . I love trying out different herbal supplementary which are popular in the market . One such herbal supplementary product that is very popular is patanjali chyawanprash which contains the goodness of more than 40 herbs. They come in a bottle jar with a tight cap and they are very easy to carry while travelling . It contains Chywanprash which is known for its health benefits in treating illness and also contains good sources of nutrients, vitamins and mineral needed to maintain a healthy body . This supplementary has a mud like consistency and can be consumed by mixing with warm milk or just directly daily for improving the strength , energy and stamina . Though they do not have a good taste like other supplementary drinks ,it is very affordable and contains the goodness of herbal and does not have any side effects that can be consumed even by elderly people .

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