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2 years ago

Treats Sore Throat And Cough !!


Enhances immunity

Combats infection

Treats cold

Treats sore throat

Rich in antioxidants

Maintains general well-being

Whenever I take some syrup or tablets, I have an habit looking at the ingredients used and start researching about them . Once when I had sore throat and cough my family doctor prescribed me this Himalaya Septilin Syrup . The syrup comes in a glass bottle which is sturdy and travel friendly . Dosage should be taken as directed by the doctor. The key ingredients used are Guggulu , Yashtumadhu and Guduchi which are popular herbs used for treating various health issues . This Septilin syrup is one of the effective way to treat sore throat and cough in a very short time . It is common to have temperature rinse while having sore throat , this syrup is very helpful in reducing the temperature .It is also very helpful in treating lower respiratory track infection ,cold and cough etc. It has side effects when taken overdose and hence it is very much needed to be taken only after doctor's advice .

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