Patanjali Divya Madhunashini Vati (Diabetes Medicine) Reviews

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1 year ago

Ayurvedic Medicine For Diabetes


Pure ayurvedic medicine

Controls blood sugar levels

Pure herbs

Enhances immunity

Controls diabetes

Boosts the nervous system


Diabetics have become common problems for people who have reached the age of 40+. A few years back when we did a full body check-up for my father we found out that he was suffering from diabetics. Taking allopathy medicines had many side effects like joint paints, digestive problems, etc. My father always prefers taking ayurvedic medicines which have no side effects so we went for an ayurvedic doctor consultation where he was prescribed with this Divya Madhunashini Vati which is specially formulated for treating diabetics and also problems related to the diabetic problem. It comes in a box which contains 120 tablets. They are made up of natural herbs and the ayurvedic formula is very much helpful to treat diabetic and issues related to diabetics. It helps to boost the nervous system, increases the immunity power of the body and also regulate the metabolism of carbohydrate and maintain a healthy lifestyle .He took the tablet regularly for more than a month and he was able to maintain the proper blood glucose level . He was healthy and active than before and also did not notice any side effects even after a regular usage . Though they are made of natural herbs it is not advisable to take these kind of tablets without consulting a physician !!

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