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1 year ago

Best Oil Control Lotion !!


Easily available Hydrates skin

Calms skin

My sister who has an extreme oily skin, have been trying out various products to get rid of the excess oil secretion . She was suggested to use this Dermalogica Oil Control lotion by her close friend . The packaging is very unique and sturdy which is leakproof and travel friendly . The lotion has a perfect consistency, which gets absorbed into the skin so well and feels very light weight over the skin giving a super matte finish . The lotion is made up of special ingredients like Meadowsweet and chlorantha Bark Extract ,that is very much helpful in reducing the production of sebum and controls excess oil secretion . She has been using the lotion for more than a month, which helped her to maintain the oily skin and moisturises the skin well ,by removing the excess oil and reducing the shine . The lotion is very gentle and mild that can be used on sensitive skin as well . They are very expensive, but still a very useful lotion much needed for an oily skin !!

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