Avene Cold Cream Nourishing Lip Balm Reviews

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1 year ago

Heals Dry and Chapped Lips !!


Soothes cracked lips

Easy to use

Glides smoothly

Soft texture

Repairs lips

Moisturizes intensely

Soft lips


Paraben free

Having a dry lip , a lip balm is a must in my beauty regimen in all seasons . I have been trying out different lip balms but nothing was as satisfying as this Avene Cold Cream Nourishing Lip balm . The lip balm comes in a very standard yet convenient stick packaging which is very easy to use and carry along . The texture is so soft and smooth which helps to glide over the lips so easily which is not sticky or feels greasy over the lips and are light weight too . But the balm leaves a white cast over the lips. It do stay in the lips throughout the day and makes it feel so hydrated and moisturised for the entire days without being used so frequently . The lip balm not only helps me to keep them hydrated, but also helps great in healing them from drying and flaking during winter and makes it look so healthy . Whenever I get chapped lips I use this lip balm to treat it ,which acts so effectively in a very short period of time . Yes!! they are so much expensive but spending money of product which treats my dry and chapped lips so effectively is much needed in my beauty regimen and totally worth for the money spent . A very much recommended lip balm for healing and protecting dry and chapped lips!!

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