Neutrogena Body Clear Acne Body Scrub Formulated with Salicylic Acid Reviews

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1 year ago

Effective Body Scrub!!


Easily available

Oil free

Clears acne and prevents future breakouts

Lightweight packaging

Being a huge fan of Neutrogena products, when I came across this Body clear acne body scrub with salicylic Acid and after reading a much of positive reviews, on the product, I recommended it to my sister who has a skin type that is prone to acne. She purchased it immediately and started to try it out with much more expectation. The product comes in a cute plastic bottle packaging with a cap that has a small opening. The cap is tight and leak proof which is easy to use and travel-friendly too. The scrub has a very pleasant smell that lingers in the skin for a very long time. She started to use this twice in a week and did not find the product much useful in the beginning. But after regular use for about a month her acne over the chest was reducing that she could visibly see the difference. This is an oil-free body scrub that contains salicylic acid that effectively treats and fights against acne. The skin feels super smooth and soft after each use and she was able to treat her acne skin after regular usage. Overall this body scrub is very affordable, easily available that is mild yet very effective scrub and makes the skin look healthy and young. A much recommended and useful product for acne-prone skin !!

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