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1 year ago

Lotion For Very Dry Skin !!


Absorbs easily.

Suits sensitive skin.

Soothes burns and itches.

Treats dry skin.

Having a very dry skin , dermadew Aloe Lotion is a much needed product in my beauty regimen in winter season ,which makes my dry skin even more worst . The product comes well packed, that is easy to use and travel friendly too . It has a very mild smell and a runny texture which is very easily gets absorbed in the skin . It treats my dry skin the way I needed and instantly makes it so soft and smooth . They are made of aloe and glycerin which are known for its skin care values in treating dry skin and other skin related infections like allergy , infected wounds dry flaky skin etc . I even used this lotion in treating skin burn . They are very mild lotion that can be used regularly even on very dry skin and sensitive skin as well . The lotion is not cheap but it is extra mild and helps in treating the dry skin and skin related issues effectively !!

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