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1 year ago

Not Satisfied



When I was looking out for a perfect solution to get rid of my few dark spots which were more visible over a makeup, I purchased this cadila skin shine cream which is specially formulated for treating skin discolouration , dark spots and skin brightening . It comes in a tube form, that was convenient to use and travel friendly too . The cream has a good texture which absorbs into my dry skin very well .It gives an instant smooth and glow to the face once applied. A regular usage helped me to lighten the dark spots to some extent ,but that did not give me a complete solution . It brightens the skin tone ,but it made my dry skin even more dry . They are made of chemicals, which does not suits all skin type . Though they are affordable and easily available it was not that much helpful in treating my dark spots which were still visible even after a regular usage . Since they have chemical ingredient, I would not suggest this product for sensitive skin !!

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