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1 year ago

Herbal Capsules For Digestion Problems !!


Free from sugar.

No artificial colors.

No artificial flavours.

Free from preservatives, and gelatine.

My mother usually faces digestion issues after every single vacation we go, due to change in food habits . Last year our family doctor prescribed her to use this Himalaya wellness Trikatu Tablets whenever she faces digestion problem. The tablet comes in a sturdy travel friendly container which contains 60 tablets in a single bottle .She has been using this herbal tablet ,whenever she suffers from digestion which gives her an effective relief . The herbal tablet is made of natural ingredients like pepper , ginger etc which are known for its health care benefits that effectively works on digestion related issues in just a short period of time. They are very much helpful in relieving the abdominal bloating to a great extent . Till now my mother has not faced any side effects while consuming these herbal tablets. Though they do not have any side effects and made of natural ingredients , it should not be taken without a physician advice .

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