Savlon Pen Sanitizer Spray Reviews

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1 year ago

Handy Sanitizer !!


Needs no water



Mild on your skin

Delivers 100 sprays.

Hand sanitizer is much needed especially having toddlers . So there would always be a hand sanitizer available in my hand bag, whenever I go out making sure my daughter is safe and clean all the time . Savlon pen sanitizer spray is a very convenient sanitizer that I have used till date . They come in a unique pen form which is very handy and carried along very easily . Just a few sprays keeps us away from disinfects and bacteria causing germs making sure my toddler is safe even when she is out from home . They are very gentle and does not have a very strong smell ,which gets evaporates soon and does not cause any side effects that is safe to use even on children . I'm very much happy with this very useful product and I would say this is the much-needed one for everyone to keep yourself clean and safe from harmful bacteria and germs .

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