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1 year ago

Effective Tan Removal Cleanser For Men !!


Natural ingredients


Mild and pleasant fragrance

Suitable for all skin types


My husband who travels regularly is prone to sun tan which made his skin so dull and dark . Detan products that I was using was not that much effective for him so ,I was looking out for some product to help him get rid of his sun tan and ended up getting this Qraa De Tan Cleanser ,which is specially formulated to men's . The product comes in a standard tube form which is very easy to use and take along even while travelling . I apply this cleanser as a mask in his face and after 5 mins rinse off with water . The cleanser has a thick consistency ,but is easy to spread over the face . They have a strange smell which is not pleasant . But ,they are very easy to remove just with water they get removed easily without much efforts . It helped him a lot in removing the fresh tan and makes the face look radiant and fresh . Using this product regularly will effectively removes the tan from the men's skin and gives a radiant and fresh look . A very affordable and effective de tan cleanser for men !!

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