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1 year ago

Temporary Results !!


Sturdy packing

Clinically certified

Quick results

Fade out advanced whitening night cream was introduced to me by my friend who had a very effective results in just few weeks that made me to try it out . They come well packed in a glass jar container that is sturdy . The cream has a good consistency which gets absorbed into my dry skin instantly and does not feels greasy or sticky over the skin ,which is a much needed criteria for a night cream . In the first few uses I could visibly see a difference in my skin texture which was softer and smooth and made my dry skin looked so hydrated and healthier that before . On a regular use of about 4 weeks , my skin had a bright and radiant glow which was very satisfying . The only disadvantage over the product is , once we stop using the cream the glow fades away . Overall, a very effective and not so expensive night use cream but gives a temporary results which was little disappointing !!

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