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2 years ago

Healthvit activated charcoalPowder



Rejuvenates hair and skin

Cleanses skin

Detoxifies the body

Great for oily skin


Reduces bloating

Health vit activated charcoal is a natural charcoal powder pack. This pack contains raw and natural charcoal in powdered form . This charcoal powder is multipurpose and can be put to various uses. It can be used for the face and skin, it can be used for teeth and also for the body. Activated charcoal is in powdered form has has to be mixed with water or any other liquid you want depending upon the use. It can be mixed with water or toner or lemon juice or honey to make face packs . Activated charcoal is very helpful for the skin and helps to reduce spots and blemishes. It helps to reduce pigmentation and uneven skin issues . It can be used to make teeth white and also be used as a detox drink. It can be used with gelato in to make a peel off mask too. Since it comes in powdered form anyone can use according to ones needs.

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