Head & Shoulders Dry Scalp Care Shampoo Reviews

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2 years ago

good shampoo


Fights itching

Nourishes scalp

Cleanses and hydrates hair

Enriched with almond oil

Suitable for colored and chemically treated hair


Head & shoulders is one of the most popular hair care brand in India. Head & shoulders dry scalp care shampoo has been recently introduced in the market. Earlier people only had two hair problems - dandruff and hair fall. But nowadays people complain about dry hair, dull hair, frizzy hair, dry scalp. Dry scalp happens when your roots do not get the necessary or lose their moisture. When your hair and scalp is stripped off their natural oils this happens. This can happen because of a strong shampoo you use, very frequent hair washes and not oiling your hair regularly or a combination of these. If a person has dry scalp it will lead to flaky scalp and itchiness. To avoid this it is important to keep your scalp hydrated and cleansed. This dry scalp shampoo is enriched with almond oil that helps in nourishing the scalp. It claims to be great for everyday use though I would not suggest it. I feel shampoos from head & shoulders are extremely strong. They are effective but high in chemicals. I got grey hair in the areas I used to use concentrated shampoos from their brand. It can be used by people who have chemically treated hair or colored hair. It comes in their standard white plastic bottle with a blue lid. They have the main ingredient mentioned on the front. These days they also have two in one shampoos available which has the conditioner in it. So that saves you the hassle of washing your hair twice and also helps in saving water which is awesome!! Head & shoulders is quite easily available in your nearby departmental store, local market or online on e retail websites. It is affordable and available in various sizes from travel friendly sachets to big bottles.

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