The Body Shop Tea Tree Body Wash Reviews

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2 years ago

great for people with blemished skin


Infused with tea tree oil


Ideal for blemished body


Imparts a cooling sensation

Calms and soothes skin

Has a pleasant fragrance

The British brand the body shop is one of my most loved brands. I love their lip balms, showers gels, scrubs, face wash, face scrubs, body yoghurts, body butters, perfumes and mists. They have some really good quality products which work really well for the skin and smell heavenly!!! If you are someone who likes to own great fragrant products; you should definitely try it. The body shop tea tree body wash is a mild cleansing wash. It is especially designed for people with blemished skin. It works well for acne prone skin. It does not dry out your skin and removes impurities. Your skin feels clear and refreshed. The skin's appearance and texture improves with regular use as it is enriched with tea tree oil. The body wash is soap free. It is soothing and gives a calm feeling which is something you will love before starting your day or after a long day. It comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a flip cap. The body wash is green in color with a thick consistency. It has a mild fresh fragrance. There are two sizes available for this product. The body shop is a high end brand so the products are expensive; you get 250 ml of product for 345 bucks. You will have to use it for a long period which you can see the results. The brand is cruelty free which means they do not do animal testing which is awesome. It also has an initiative called BBOB which is bring back our bottles. They take the old bottles and recycle them which is really good for our environment. Tea tree dries the skin out if you do not have blemishes, acne, etc. In case you do not have those issues please do not go for this product.

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