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2 years ago

nice ayurvedic soap



Contains potent herbal ingredients


Remember the times you have been told by your mom and grand mom how good turmeric is for your skin?? How can any of us forget the grand haldi ceremonies held before the wedding to get that glow across the country during the wedding season. Lever Ayush purifying turmeric soap is your “nani ka nuska” in a bar of soap. It is an ayurvedic soap to help you achieve skin goals. It claims that it will give you a clear and glowing skin with regular usage. Turmeric is the super food for your skin. It is widely known for its antiseptic and healing properties. It also has amla, nalpamaradi tailamand peepal which are known to treat skin infections. It is chemical free or so it claims. It comes in a cardboard box and is of sandal wood colour soap with mild fragrance. It is quite inexpensive and easily available in the market. Anyone looking for an alternative to all those home made ubtans and masks should definitely try it. It is easy to use without the mess and hassle of DIYs. It will not stain your skin like raw turmeric would. Please do a patch test before using the product as turmeric does not suit everyone. This soap does not dissolve and become tacky and soggy like most soaps when in touch with water. It creates adequate amount of lather enough to spread on your face or body. Again it is not for all skin types so do test it first. I tried it and I cannot say about the glow claims because I did not see much of a difference on my skin. But yes definitely it does help clear out your skin of any kind of impurities. Do not expect it to make your acne vanish because it is not a treatment product for it.

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