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2 years ago

fav shampoo


Protects hair from wear and tear

Moisturizes and nourishes hair


Dove is one of my most favourite brands out there. I remember Dove from my childhood days when my mom used to use the soap bar. We kids were not allowed to touch it. When mom would be busy working we would sneak up in her room and wash our hands, face with her soap. I still remember it was so soft just like cream. One day I used it and ended up leaving it in water. It just melted and became a soggy dollop and mom caught me. Dove did change their composition after that but it still has the same fragrance. I have used their face washes, shampoos, body lotions. Dove dryness care shampoo is like it has been made especially for me. It nourishes and makes your hair 5 times smoother. Your hair becomes really soft from the very first wash. It nourishes your hair from root to tip and locks in moisture. For a person like me who washes hair daily and does not oil; I think this shampoo is the best thing. Your hair becomes smoother and lesser prone to damage from daily wear and tear. The scalp becomes squeaky clean. It is not very harsh on the hair like other shampoos in the market. It also gives a shine to your hair though it is essentially focussed on dryness. People who do heat treatments and end up with dry and frizzy hair should really try it. The packaging is a white bottle with a flip cap. The print is in light blue color. You get 340 ml in about 200 bucks which great value for money. You get other sizes as well. For best results you should use their dryness care conditioner after shampooing. Dove is available online and offline in your nearby stores.

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